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The Seductive Romance of Snake Jewellery

Snakes, in all their seductive, slithering allure, are the long-standing leaders of the animal kingdom when it comes to fine jewellery.

Snake jewellery is elegant and sexy. Gold, glittering, gem-encrusted snakes quite literally wrap and loop themselves around the wearer. It’s easy to see their timeless appeal.

Symbolically, snake jewellery is often linked to eternal love, particularly when the snake is depicted swallowing its own tail. For ancient civilisations, skin-shedding snakes represented fertility, rebirth and regeneration. But in more recent history, the symbolism has been romantic.

Snake jewellery was perfectly suited to the Victorians’ love of all things sentimental. Queen Victoria’s own engagement ring was a snake with an emerald, her birthstone, embedded in it, propelling snake rings into the fashion spotlight right through to the modern day.

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