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The Antique Jewellery Company
Ethical antique jewellery


Our jewellery is Conflict Free and Eco-Friendly.

When purchasing an item from us you can be sure you are not contributing to any unethical procedures.

When buying new jewellery you can never be 100% sure that it is not conflict free.

Ethical antique jewellery Ethical Antique Jewellery
Ethical antique jewellery

The Circular Economy

By choosing to buy antique you are not contributing in any way to a locally destructive cycle of violence, warfare, economic inequality, exploitation and human suffering.

You can have total confidence that your money is not supporting industrial practices that destroy the environment, poison the land or displace disadvantaged people.

Conflict Free

You are helping to eliminate the need for more mining and lessening the demand for new diamonds and precious stones.

Your item most likely predates any regional conflicts associated with the diamond trade and precious gemstone mining.

You will be reducing your carbon footprint.

You are acting as conservator rather than consumer.

Ethical antique jewellery
To see how authorities are trying to combat conflict diamonds visit the The Kimberley Process website