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The AJC Guarantee

We value our customers' peace of mind over everything. We therefore created our 5 point promise.

1. Quality

We take great pride in our collection of antique jewellery, a collection that embodies only the very best from across the ages. Under no circumstances will you find any reproductions and, unless stated clearly, all our items are in good condition and 100% original, free from enhancements.

2. Rarity

All our items are one-offs, quite often commissions, handmade by skilled craftsmen through the ages. With the steady increase in international, mass-produced brands, our antique jewellery retains a simple and elegant charm that cannot be replicated. Each piece has a distinct charm brought to life by an individual story, which will make our customers stand out.

3. Knowledge

With over 35 years of experience in the London trade, Olly Gerrish has a reputation as one of London's foremost antique jewellery authorities. This gives her access to the best pieces on the market from which she meticulously makes her selection. Only the best examples from her extensive stock are selected for the site.

4. Peace of Mind

Investing in a piece of antique jewellery can be a daunting process. We value our customers' confidence and peace of mind above all and strive to uphold a culture of trust and decency at all times. Our reputation for providing expert advice and support for our customers should reassure prospective customers. Should a customer for any reason be unhappy with their online purchase we will not hesitate to offer them a 14 day full money back guarantee.

5. The Personal Touch

Finding the perfect piece should be a fun and enlightening experience. To help achieve this we are here to lend our customers a helping hand and provide impartial expert advice. Building lasting relationships is far more important to us than a quick sale.

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