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Moonstone Jewellery

Moonstones are a semi precious pearlescent stone with gorgeous flashes of blue and red. It is important to take care of moonstones, as they are not particularly hard and can be scratched easily.

Most commonly found in Sri Lanka and Southern India, moonstones have been used in jewellery throughout history. They became particularly popular during the Art Nouveau period.

The flashes of blue and red in moonstones meant that they were often paired with sapphires or rubies to bring out these colours in the stones.

Moonstones were often set in silver in arts and crafts jewellery. Many well known jewellery designers made silver and moonstone pieces at this time. Here are some of our favourite silver moonstone jewellery pieces from our collection.

Moonstones have a mystical quality. They are easily identified by their adularescence – an optical phenomenon, a ‘glow from within’, that appears like rippling moonlight across water. Moonstones are said to represent love, passion and fertility. Some of the great Art Nouveau designers, such as René Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany, used these stones in their fine jewellery. They came to the forefront again in the 1960s ‘flower child’ movement. 

Today, moonstones are still commonly used, however there are many translucent stones that have a much lower value so it is important to look for the blue and red when choosing your own moonstone jewellery.  

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