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Which Style Icon Are You?

Complete our quick questionnaire to see which style icon best represents your vibe and learn which jewellery styles work best for your look.

Which of the following best describes your look?

  1. Sensual and feminine
  2. Preppy, prim chic
  3. Unstructured and elegant
  4. You like to make a statement
  5. Effortless and laid back
Which of the following best describes your look?

Which colours do you gravitate towards?

  1. Pretty pastels
  2. Keep it simple with plain blocks of soft colour
  3. Black, navy and white
  4. A riot of colour
  5. Neutrals and denim
Which colours do you gravitate towards?

Which personality describes you best?

  1. Romantic, fearless and feminine
  2. Straight, poised and ladylike
  3. Independent and determined
  4. Creative, feisty and emotional
  5. Driven, laid back and free-thinking
Which personality describes you best?

Which outfit would you be most comfortable wearing?

  1. A figure-hugging dress
  2. Cashmere poloneck, smart chinos and ballet pumps
  3. Simple black trousers, a striped top and loose blazer
  4. A brightly patterned skirt and ruffled shirt
  5. A cool white t-shirt, classic Ray Bans and simple denim jeans
Which outfit would you be most comfortable wearing?

What are you most comfortable doing?

  1. Taking centre stage at a social event
  2. Decorating a home with beautiful things
  3. Creating and pioneering something new
  4. Expressing yourself artistically
  5. Helping others

What sort of jewellery are you most likely to wear, day-to-day?

  1. Something sparkly
  2. A bold but simple pair of earrings
  3. A long, beaded necklace
  4. A colourful statement pieces mixed together
  5. Delicate, casual layers of bangles or chains

What jewellery are you most likely to wear at a special event?

  1. Show-stopping diamond chandeliers
  2. Large stud earrings and a matching necklace
  3. Long strings of beads
  4. Something large, bold and eye-catching
  5. A simple pendant on a long, fine chain

What’s part of your body do you like to draw attention to?

  1. Cleavage
  2. Wrists
  3. Your back
  4. Your neck
  5. Your slim frame

Which era would best suit you?

  1. The Fifties – curves, femininity and optimistic fun
  2. The Sixties – prim glamour, big hair and big sunglasses
  3. The Twenties – androgyny, innovation and jazz
  4. The Thirties – bold, strong women in political times
  5. The Seventies – free-thinking, bohemian cool

The Results:

SO! Which style icon are you channelling and what jewellery best suits your style? See below to find out…

Mostly 1s: Sophia Loren

All sensuality, confidence and laughter your fearless, sociable nature puts you at the centre of things. You’re not afraid to flaunt your feminine assets and draw attention.

You suit eye-catching jewellery with old-world glamour. Diamonds are your friend. Think bold, sparkly earrings and cocktail rings. Necklaces that enhance your décolletage – large pendants and lots of precious gemstones that sit around your throat or dip down into your cleavage.

Eras: Victorian | Edwardian | Mid Century

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren

Mostly 2s: Jackie O

Your style is dignified, put together and always chic. You favour simplicity over fuss and like things to match.

Styles built around a single gemstone or strings of evenly matched stones work well for you. Large studs lift an outfit during the day and simple drop earrings dress things up at night. Timeless, chunky pearls set off elegant outfits with style.

Eras: Edwardian | Mid Century | Modern

Jackie O
Jackie Onassis

Mostly 3s: Coco Chanel

You are independent, original and forward-thinking. You shun feminine fuss in favour of unstructured, flowing elegance. You’re not afraid to express your own style but do not like to feel restricted. Comfort is key.

Long strings of beads make an impact without feeling too ‘done up’. Large pearls and stud earrings are bold and elegant. Layered styles communicate effortless cool. Don’t be afraid to wear jewellery in an original way – beads down the back, brooch as a top button. Get creative!

Eras: Art Nouveau | Art Deco | Mid Century

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel

Mostly 4s: Frida Kahlo

You are strong and expressive. You quite literally wear your emotions and creativity on your sleeve, favouring bold, bright colours and styles which catch the eye. You’re not afraid to mix colours, patterns and textures. Frailty is not your thing.

You can carry off coloured, opaque stones and bolder styles with panache. Look for statement pieces and bright colour. The bigger, the better.

Eras: Georgian | Victorian | Art Nouveau | Art Deco | Retro | Mid Century | Modern

Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo

Mostly 5s: Jane Birkin

You are an independent, free spirit. You throw clothes and jewellery on with a casual, comfortable grace. Your face is often bare. You are more focused on real life than drawing attention to yourself.

Sentimentality is more important than decoration when it comes to jewellery. Fine, delicate pieces suit your casual demeanour. For an effortless, bohemian look, layer light chains with sentimental charms and pendants. Delicate rings can be worn on any finger. Earrings are light, ethereal.

Eras: Victorian | Edwardian | Art Deco

Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin

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