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Put Your Eye Candy To Work

Human civilisation has been harnessing the natural healing power of precious gemstones and crystals for thousands of years. This guide explores the magical properties of some of our favourite gemstones.

Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner are fans, Adele can’t perform without them, Naomi Campbell won’t travel without hers, Kate Hudson sleeps beside hers and Miranda Kerr even has a ‘magic wand’ in her handbag… Healing crystals are big news amongst the glittering stars of today.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

The good news is that you need not settle for rocks in a bowl if you are drawn to the healing powers of the natural world. Fine jewellery uses some of the most powerful healing stones – polished, buffed and glittering against your skin, to boot. What’s more, you can up the ante on the feel-good factor of healing crystals by hunting down vintage and antique gemstones without the murky, unethical associations of newly mined rocks.

Discover more about the physical healing properties of some of the most attractive precious gemstones below.


Moonstone is known to ease aggressive tendencies and promote inner peace and balance.

Physically, it is said to:

Antique moonstone jewellery
Moonstone jewellery


Considered one of the most powerful stones for making intentions and dreams a reality, light-infused citrine promotes optimism, positive energy and stimulates the mind.

Physically, it is said to:

Antique citrine jewellery
Citrine jewellery


Believed to eliminate tension and stress and promote inner stability, agate offers powerful psychological protection.

Physically, agate is said to:

Antique agate jewellery
Agate jewellery


Tourmaline is believed to turn negative energy into positive energy, which strengthens the mind and body.

Physically, it is said to:

Antique tourmaline jewellery
Tourmaline jewellery


This ancient stone is believed to have broad spiritual and psychological powers, promoting serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition, happiness and wisdom.

Physically, turquoise is said to:

Antique turquoise jewellery
Turquoise jewellery

Lapis Lazuli

This ancient, royal blue stone offers a myriad of emotional and psychological benefits, from promoting inner truth and self-awareness to honesty, social sensitivity and compassion.

Physically, lapis lazuli is said to:

Antique lapis lazuli jewellery
Lapis lazuli jewellery


Emerald is believed to promote reasoning, calm and peace of mind, banishing evil and fearful thoughts and dreams. It supports the wellbeing of romantic relationships and boost positive emotions.

Physically, emerald is said to:

Antique emerald jewellery
Emerald jewellery


Ruby is believed to increase creativity, self-confidence and passion in the wearer’s life.

Physically, it is said to:

Antique ruby jewellery
Ruby jewellery


Revered by the Chinese in particular, jade is believed to bring prosperity and abundance to the owner’s life and promote emotional balance.

Physically, it is said to:

Antique jade jewellery
Jade jewellery


One of the most powerful of the healing crystals, amethyst promotes calm, healing energy and inner emotional strength.

Amethyst is also said to have the following physical benefits:

Antique amethyst jewellery
Amethyst jewellery

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire has long been associated with purity and love. It’s also alleged to promote self-expression and providing emotional strength.

Physically, it is said to:

Antique sapphire jewellery
Sapphire jewellery


Opal’s spiritual benefits vary with the colour, but it’s long been associated with love and passion, believed to release inhibitions.

Physically, opal is said to:

Antique opal jewellery
Opal jewellery


Garnet is believed to revitalise, purify and balance energy, bringing serenity or passion, as appropriate.

Physically, it is said to:

Antique garnet jewellery
Garnet jewellery


Diamonds have strong associations with purity, clarity and love. They are also said to promote abundance and prosperity.

Physically, diamonds are said to:

Antique diamond jewellery
Diamond jewellery

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