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The Charm of Vintage Lockets

Secretive, sentimental and sweet, lockets are a guaranteed hit with any girl. Here are some ideas for making yours uniquely personal.

Who remembers Polly Pockets? Are they still a thing? I vividly remember the captivating, thrilling concept of something so small and secret and solely mine, aged seven.

The grown up version of me feels the same about lockets. I own a couple: one beautiful vintage silver locket on a chunky chain and one fashioned from an antique watch chain. I love them both and they attract lots of curiousity.

Lockets have been around for a very long time. They were worn as far back as the 15th century, evolved from ancient amulets, and are still sought after today. It’s safe to say that lockets are not going to be going out of style any time soon.

A locket makes a thoughtful and long-lasting present, whether to a beloved lady in your life or (even better) to oneself. From the classic to the unexpected, here are some ways to personalise your locket and make it yours:


If you can’t find an obliging artist to paint a miniature portrait, as they did in the Elizabethan era, then get a tiny photo or two of your most precious people printed (OddPrints and Tesco will do the job) and wear them close to your heart.


Find one with your birthstone embedded in it. Or, if you’re feeling secretive, embed one inside the locket. Everyone loves a gemstone.

A Memorable Date

Engrave a special date on or into the locket. Its own tiny story.


Carve your initials into your locket to make it your own. An effective way of deterring thieves, as a bonus side effect to this personal touch.


Make like you’re medieval and soak a tiny piece of cloth in (strong) perfume – be it your own or one that evokes a special memory. Solid perfume is a good alternative if you can cobble it together.

Edwardian 9ct Gold Heart Shaped Locket set with a Rose Diamond
Edwardian 9ct Gold Heart Shaped Locket set with a Rose Diamond

A Lock of Hair

Safely secure a lock of hair inside your locket. Could be your beloved child’s first snip or a surreptitiously obtained lock from the object of your love.

A Secret Message

Keep a tiny, handwritten note inside your locket for keepsake. A love note, motto or a secret wish. A treat for whoever inherits it someday.

A Wedding Memento

Keep a snippet of lace from your wedding dress or a dried flower cutting from your wedding bouquet inside your locket to remind you of the carefree, heady days of young love.


Whether you’re name is Rose or your spirit animal is a leopard, dig around for long enough and you will find a locket embellished with your own personal symbol.


A four leaf clover, some white heather or a piece of wood tucked into an empty locket is perfect for the superstitious. Dig around hard enough and you might even find that some kind craftsman has done the job for you.

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