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Victorian Wedding Bands (1839-1901)

The Victorian era marked a time dedicated to religion and love. Hands, hearts, crosses and knots were common motifs in the jewellery of the time, as well as symbolism drawn from nature - birds, flowers, trees.

Snake jewellery was a popular representation of eternal love. Mourning jewellery was still very widely worn, particularly following the death of Queen Victoria’s beloved husband, Albert.

The gentlemen of the day were a far cry from the dazzling Incroyables of the Georgian era. Those wishing to avoid the ‘fop’ label avoided outshining women and stuck to necessary jewellery only - cufflinks, stick pins, watch chains - although the odd love token snuck through, in a nod to the romantic mood of the time.

One of a Kind
Victorian 18ct Gold Wedding Band with Ivy Leaf Motif

Victorian 18ct Gold Wedding Band with Ivy Leaf Motif

£ 975
Victorian Wide Silver Buckle Ring

Victorian Wide Silver Buckle Ring

£ 275