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Edwardian Small Drop Earrings (1901-1914)

Known in the rest of Europe as ‘La Belle Epoque’, the Edwardian era was a time of frivolity and wealth for the upper classes, led by the luxury-loving King Edward.

In a move against machine-made jewellery, the style became ethereal and delicate, drawing inspiration from the 18th century. Traditional motifs such as bows, garlands, ribbons and lace took over.

Platinum became popular, strong enough to allow the creation of lighter, millegrained and diamond-encrusted ‘lace’ jewellery to compliment the fashionable pastels of the time.

Evolving necklines gave necklaces a new importance, ranging from popular ‘dog collars’ to long, pearl ‘chains’ worn full length, below the waistline.

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