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June’s Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone & Alexandrite

Turns out June is a good month in which to be born or have a baby. Not only can you enjoy the luxurious prospect of the long summer ahead alongside your birthday celebrations, but you have no less than three luminous birthstones for the picking:

PEARLS – timeless, elegant and pure – are organic gems that grow inside a living oyster or mussel. Modern pearls are often cultured, which simply means man has intervened in the otherwise natural process. These gems are vulnerable and need love and attention to ensure that they retain their luminous lustre. 

MOONSTONES have a mystical quality. They are easily identified by their adularescence – an optical phenomenon, a ‘glow from within’, that appears like rippling moonlight across water. Moonstones are said to represent love, passion and fertility. Some of the great Art Nouveau designers, such as René Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany, used these stones in their fine jewellery. They came to the forefront again in the 1960s ‘flower child’ movement. 

ALEXANDRITE is an extremely rare gemstone that changes colour in different lighting. Named after Alexander II, this stone was first discovered in Russia where its red and green colours coincidentally matched the national military colours of imperial Russia. The most desirable Alexandrite appears as a vivid blue/green in daylight or fluorescent light and an intense red/purple in incandescent light.

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