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Buying for Her

Finding the perfect piece can be a daunting and time-consuming task. We are here to make the process as fun and stress-free as possible!

How much should I spend on my engagement ring?

These days there seems to be an unwritten rule that whichever ring you choose should amount to a third of your annual salary. This was actually a clever marketing ploy conceived by a well-known jewellers in the early 20th century which has since been exaggerated. Instead we recommend you follow your instincts, weigh up what you can afford, look at pieces within your price bracket and allow yourself to fall in love, again!

Which gemstones should I have in my engagement ring?

Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings due to their timelessness and durability. Combinations of gemstones are also popular with different stones symbolising different things. To find out more about gemstone symbolism, click here.

Diamonds are also the hardest gemstones around so they will stand up to everyday wear better than softer stones such as emeralds, opals and pearls.

Take the design of the mount into account. Ideally the claws of a ring will be raised to protect the stones against being bashed.

I've got a shortlist of items that I'm interested in and can't decide which one to choose...

The internet can only do so much - there is nothing quite like seeing a ring in the flesh. So take your time and book an appointment to view your selected items in person. Bring along a friend for a second opinion. Once there, ask to look at the ring with a loop - the dealer will be happy to assist you. Be ready to ask questions about the condition, size of stones, age etc and away you go!

What style should I go for?

If you are buying her jewellery in a more general context, consider when she would wear it - will it be for everyday wear or just for special occasions?

Then decide whether the piece suits her...

For example if your beloved rarely reveals her décolletage, an elaborate festoon necklace is going to fester in her jewellery box. Depending on whether she wears her hair up, chandelier earrings look amazing in the evening but not by day, when pets might claw / children might paw at them.

Some women wear the same pieces everyday for years. If your plan is to add to this collection, consider where your piece would fit in and whether it is timeless. What colour metal is her existing jewellery? Is she a ‘stacker’ and if not, would be she prepared to rethink her jewellery ensemble?

Take her colouring into account: warm skin tones suit yellow gold while cooler skin tones suit silver, white gold, or platinum jewellery. Read more on skin tone here.

Don’t be afraid to ask her friends and family what they think she’ll like - often they know best!

Hopefully the above will help answer some of those tricky questions. We will keep adding tips here so remember to check in regularly. Of course, if you have any other questions or pointers we are here to help.

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