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Victorian Silver Locket with Engraved Song Bird



An attractive Victorian silver locket, made circa 1880. These lockets were originally worn on wide silver collars and looked quite dramatic. Nowadays the fashion is to wear them on simpler silver chains that look equally good but not so heavy. The engraved motif is of a song thrush. The thrush’s music shows how it’s living freely by its unconcerned attitude towards its listeners and the freedom to do anything it wants. This is a lovely symbolism.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginVictorian (1839-1901), English
MeasurementsHeight from top of bale to base 2 ¾ in / 7 cm
Height from top of locket to base 2 ⅛ in / 5.4 cm
1⅝ in / 4.1 cm in width
ConditionVery good
HallmarksUnmarked, locket tested to silver
The bale is silver plated