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Gold Masonic Gemstone Ring



A rare Masonic ring. The gavel is the badge of power and authority of the Master, and often in another form and always in a lesser degree, of the Wardens. ‘The Blazing Star’ refers us to the sun, which enlightens the earth with its rays, dispensing its blessings to mankind at large and giving light and life to all things here below. At various times the Masonic Blazing Star has been declared to be a symbol of 1. Divine Providence 2. The Star of Bethlehem 3. Prudence 4. Beauty 5. The Sun The rays are set with an emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz and a diamond with a large diamond in the centre. The gavel is also set with small diamonds. The shank is 18ct gold and is enscribed with initials and dated 1933.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginArt Deco (1920-1935), English
MeasurementsDiamond 35 points
Current Size UK J, US 4 ¾, French 48, Japanese 8 ½ Eligible for Free Sizing
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ConditionGood, slight chips to two of the stones
HallmarksUnmarked, tested to 18ct gold
Engraved inside shank 33 ADS to EMS

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