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Art Deco 18ct White Gold, Opal Doublet & Rose Diamond Round Earrings



An impressive pair of 18ct white gold earrings that are set with two opal doublets surrounded by small rose diamonds. The term “Opal doublet” means that the opals have been sliced thinly and cemented on to onyx bases. This gives the convincing appearance of black opals. They would be a good addition to a collection if you already have a black opal ring or pendant as they would match them well.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginArt Deco (1920-1935), English
MeasurementsDiameter 1.5 cm
Opals diameter 1 cm
Rose diamonds approx total weight 36 points
ConditionVery Good
HallmarksUnmarked, tested to 18ct white gold