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Weeping Angel Silver Pendant on Silver Chain after N. Blasset of Amiens



A silver pendant of a weeping angel. The angel’s right hand is set on an hourglass symbolising the brevity of life. As for his left elbow, it rests on the skull of a skeleton, a symbol of death. The statue of the weeping angel adorns the funerary monument of canon Guilain Lucas of Amiens, who died in 1628.
In the 17th century, before advances in medicine and hygiene, children often died at an early age. Youth and death were therefore closely linked, the two being at all times the opposite sides of the same coin. Dead children are still called “little angels.” Blasset himself executed the funerary monument of his eight-year-old son. It is on a silver chain.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginEdwardian (1901-1914), French
MeasurementsDiameter 1 in / 2.5 cm
Chain 21 in / 53.3 cm
Condition Very Good
HallmarksFrench poincon marks for silver