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Victorian 9ct Gold Signet Ring With a Bloodstone Intaglio of Hermes



An unusual 9ct gold ring set with an oval bloodstone with a well carved intaglio of Hermes, the messenger God. Hermes is considered a god of transitions and boundaries. He is described as quick and cunning, moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. He is also portrayed as an emissary and messenger of the gods, an intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife. He has been viewed as the protector and patron of herdsmen, thieves, oratory and wit, literature and poetry, athletics and sports, invention and trade, roads, boundaries and travellers. So, an interesting ring to wear!

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginVictorian (1839-1901), English
MeasurementsTop section 1.6 cm by 1.3 cm
Condition Very Good
Hallmarks9 .375 (for 9ct gold) Assayed in Birmingham Date letter rubbed