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Victorian 15ct Gold Oval Locket With Enamel & Rose Diamond Pansy Motif



An unusual 15ct gold locket with a pansy on one side. It has been highly engraved on both sides with a floral motif. The use of the enamelled pansy was a pun on the French word “pensee” meaning “thoughts” or “think of me”. It has also been set with a rose diamond meaning “Forever”. The Victorians were extremely sentimental in a charming way. Secret messages were often conveyed in jewellery through the use of flowers, buckles and snakes, to name but a few symbolic subjects. Inside is a compartment for a photograph.

Written by Olly Gerrish

Love this locket!

Date & OriginVictorian (1839-1901), English
MeasurementsHeight 2.7 cm
Width at widest point 2.2 cm
ConditionVery Good
HallmarksUnmarked, tested to 15ct gold