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Victorian 15ct Gold Cameo Brooch of Greek Goddess Diameter



A highly detailed cameo of the Grecian Goddess Demeter. Associated with the seasons, Demeter is depicted with sheaves of wheat, symbols of the harvest, that she holds in her hands and are woven through her hair like a crown. As the goddess of earth, she is intimately connected to the earth’s power for bearing fruit. This fertility connection is further opened up to encompass the notion of fertility as a whole. Thus, Demeter came to be known as the Greek goddess of marriage. The mount is 15ct gold Etruscan revival work which was initially researched by Fortunato and Castellani using their granulation skills and other ancient jewellery techniques. Depth and relief were provided by corded wire, filigree and granulation. Castellani’s work spread through Europe and the style was adopted most famously by Fontenay in France, John Brogden and Robert Phillips in London and by Carlo Giuliano, originally from Naples, now settled in London. Overall it is a beautiful piece and in excellent condition.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginVictorian (1839-1901), English
MeasurementsWidth 43mm
Height 49mm
HallmarksUnmarked, tested to 15ct gold

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