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Suffragette Diamond, Green Tourmaline & Ruby 15ct Gold Pendant



A pretty Suffragette pendant which has been set with a rectangular green tourmaline, six small rubies and twenty diamonds. The colours Green, White and Vermilion/Violet were the Suffragette colours and were used in the jewellery of the Suffrage movement to show a secret message of support. They literally meant “Give Women Votes”. This jewellery is highly sought after and hard to find in original condition.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginEdwardian (1901-1914), English
MeasurementsJust under 1 in / 2.5 cm by ¾ in / 1.9 cm
From top of loop to base 1 ¼ in / 3.2 cm
Rubies approx 30 points total
Diamonds approx 25 points total Tourmaline approx 3 carats
HallmarksUnmarked, tested to 15ct gold & platinum

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