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Silesian Iron Long Guard Chain



A very long and unusual Silesian wire work iron chain that was made circa 1820. The stark grey wire is finely woven like lace and is light as air. Silesian Iron wire work dates to the late 1700’s. Pieces were made in Gleiwitz, Silesia, a narrow strip of land which is now part of Germany and Poland. In 1805 production of ironwork moved to Berlin and evolved in style.
Similar work originated in France as early as 1789, spurred by the French Revolution. The popularity of iron and steel jewellery is considered a result of wartime political and social climates as people were asked to give up their gold pieces to the war effort and were given iron jewellery in return. A lot has perished over the years so this chain is a rare historical survival of a lost art.

Written by Olly Gerrish

Rare and in fantastic condition

Date & OriginGeorgian (1714-1830), Silesia
MeasurementsLength 88 in / 224 cm

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