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Georgian Silver Heart Shaped Pendant with Vinaigrette Inside



An unusual silver heart shaped pendant that opens to reveal a pierced grill that opens. It was used to contain smelling salts in a soaked piece of cotton wool. The decoration is known as Repoussé work with flowers and scrolling leaves. Repoussé is a method of decorating metals in which parts of the design are raised in relief from the back or the inside of the article by means of hammers and punches. The definition and detail can then be added from the front by chasing or engraving. The name repoussé is derived from the French “pousser”, “to push forward.” It is an ancient technique.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginGeorgian (1714-1830), English
MeasurementsHeight 4 cm
From top of bale to base 4.5 cm
Width 2.8 cm
ConditionVery Good
HallmarksUnmarked, tested to silver