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Georgian Cut Steel Bracelet



A good example of an original Georgian cut steel bracelet. It is hard to imagine how much work went in to creating cut steel jewellery. Each faceted and highly polished cut steel bead was riveted by hand. It must have taken hours and the result is stunning especially in candle light which is what was intended.
Wolverhampton in the Midlands was the centre for making cut steel jewellery.
In the 1800s it was fashionable for wealthy ladies to wear elaborate jewellery. It may have been that steel jewellery was worn during the day as imitation jewels for safety. It was fashionable and prized in its own right – and it could be very expensive. It is as collectable today as it was in the Georgian period.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginGeorgian (1714-1830)