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Edwardian Amethyst Heart Pendant on 9ct Gold Chain



A pretty 9ct gold heart shaped pendant set with an amethyst which has shallow facets on the front. Christian bishops once wore amethyst jewellery in the form of a ring. It’s colour was meant to symbolise royalty and an allegiance to Christ. Another interesting thing to know is that the name “amethyst” translates in Greek to, “not drunken.” An ancient Greek myth explains. According to the myth, the god Bacchus was angry, and had vowed to descend a hoard of tigers upon the first person who crossed his path. Amethyst was on her way to give thanks at the shrine of the god Diana, when she happened upon Bacchus. Before the tigers could eat Amethyst, she was saved by Diana, who turned her into a clear crystal. Bacchus, remorseful for the fate he had so recklessly caused the girl, poured the juice of grapes over the stone as an offering, and thus bestowed the crystal with its unique purple colouring. It is on a fine trace link 9ct gold chain.and was made circa 1900-1910.

Written by Olly Gerrish
Date & OriginEdwardian (1901-1914), English
MeasurementsHeart height 1.6 cm
Width 1.5 cm
Chain length 46 cm
ConditionVery Good
HallmarksHeart unmarked, tested to 9ct gold
Chain marked .375 ( for 9ct gold ) on clasp