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Art Deco 18ct Gold & Large Yellow Sapphire Ring

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A stunning 18ct gold ring set with a six carat natural yellow sapphire. These yellow coloured gemstones are members of the large sapphire family. This stone has been used as a talisman for years and there are many tales associated with it. Some say it renders a power to take correct decisions and make accurate judgments. Others say that the yellow sapphire showers money on the one who has this precious stone with her.
Those born in the month of September have yellow sapphire as their birthstone. Because of the stable property of this gemstone, it can be worn by anyone irrespective of their month of birth and it is believed to bring good luck, wealth, health and prosperity to all. It can also be worn by those born in November as an alternative birthstone or as an engagement ring.

Written by Olly Gerrish


This is a beautiful large yellow sapphire

Date & Origin


Very Good




Gold Sapphire


Unmarked, tested to 18ct gold


Yellow sapphire 1.3 cm by 1 cm
Approx weight 6 carats

Current Size

UK K ½

Item Number

The Responsible Choice

The Responsible Choice

Buying antique jewellery is both ethical and eco-friendly as harmful and destructive mining processes are not needed to make an item yours. So give yourself a pat on the back!

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Our 5 Point Promise

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