The Antique Jewellery Company
Matt & Olly Gerrish

Olly & Matt Gerrish founded the AJC in 2008.

Olly Gerrish

Olly Gerrish

As one of the most experienced and respected antique jewellery dealers in the UK, Olly knows a thing or two about the trade. Having worked her way up from the market-stalls of Portobello and Bermondsey in the 1970s to the bright lights of Bond Street and the world-famous Grays Antiques Centre - turning down a role as head of jewellery at a major auction house along the way - Olly brings to the AJC a near unrivalled mix of stock, expertise and customer service. Read Olly's story here. / +44 (0)20 7206 2477
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Matt Gerrish

Matt first spotted the potential to bring Olly's existing antique jewellery business online and he began building The Antique Jewellery Company in 2008. With a background in art, design and techology, Matt brings a refreshingly disruptive stance to the trade and the way antique jewellery should be presented in the future.
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Matt Gerrish

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